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Vision & Values


Vision for St Giles’ C.E. Primary School

St Giles is a vibrant and exciting school which is stimulating, friendly and inviting.

Everyone at St Giles’ will achieve their potential and develop a responsible attitude to their learning, no matter what their starting point. This is achieved through access to an outstanding education, professional development, high quality teaching and a balanced, creative and varied curriculum.

We are proud to be a Church of England school and we are passionate about ensuring that our core Christian values permeate all areas of school life. While we consider these values, such as kindness and peace, to be Christian, we are also aware and model that all these values are as important to other faith systems and world views.

We have embraced the Bible story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10v25-37) to illustrate our Christian Vision and Values in action. Through the expansive opportunities offered, we strive for everyone in our school to ‘love our neighbour as we love ourselves.’ By living out our values in our daily lives, becoming responsible citizens and demonstrating respect, positive mental health and wellbeing, it allows us to foster and nurture personal growth.

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Values at St Giles’ C.E. Primary School

Here at St. Giles’ C.E. Primary School, Shrewsbury, alongside teaching our children about British values, we also feel it is important to develop our children’s understanding of other Christian values.

Our core values are: respect, resilience and responsibility

Our school values are embedded into assemblies and general classroom discussions and work, as well as being displayed in the hall with our Value Bears.


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