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Our carefully planned daily Maths lessons, ensure that all children make good progress through the lesson and throughout the year. A number-bond or times table task at the start of each lesson allows children to develop fluency in their number-fact knowledge. This is followed by a short retrieval activity which allows children to revisit previous learning. Quality first teaching, using appropriate models and images, follows the White Rose scheme of work. This helps the children to gain a sound understanding of the number system. Children progress through the curriculum developing their calculating skills, reasoning and fluency.

Although Maths is a discrete part of the curriculum, to create interesting learning opportunities, we use context-based activities, linked to topics, which may be, for example, History based. Using Maths across the other subjects, such as in Science or DT, allows the children to see the value of the subject, and how it can be used in practical ways within school and out in the wider community.  

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