We hope that children will find their time at our school to be a happy, fulfilling experience. We are an inclusive school which offers a wide range of experiences and activities designed to help children to grow and develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

We aim to satisfy the demands of the National Curriculum for a broad and balanced curriculum, taking into account the needs of the individual pupil.

We are most concerned that pupils should progress in the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics and devote considerable time to these areas of the curriculum. We also recognise that such skills do not grow in isolation but must be developed by being applied and used in “real life” situations.

We aim to emphasise the responsibility of the pupil for himself and the consequences of his actions for others.

We aim to foster good relationships between home and school and to develop effective channels of  communication.

Finally, and most importantly, we aim to help all children develop as responsible, caring people; aware of the needs of others and of their role in society as a whole.

At St. Giles’ we welcome all children from the neighbourhood, and seek to develop strong links between school, home and church. Christian values underpin our ethos and teaching. High priority is given to the spiritual development of all, and we promote mutual respect and responsibility.

Please find below the link to our Information Report which indicates how and what we offer in terms of support, as well as the Shropshire Council Local Offer link.

Shropshire SEN Local Offer

SEN policy & Information Report

Every child here is regarded as a unique individual.