At St Giles’, we aim to make the school a place where children are encouraged to respect and explore the world of science, quenching their thirst for scientific knowledge. Topics are taught in an interactive, fun and memorable way. Children are encouraged to persevere, think and work scientifically, which is a major part of the curriculum and is at the heart of every science topic.

Science is embedded throughout the curriculum and is taught weekly, to ensure the children develop the skills and knowledge they need for the future. For further information, please see our school’s vision for Science and curriculum coverage below.

Vision Statement Science

Curriculum Overview Science

SCIENCE Skills and Knowledge Progression Document

KS1 Science Curriculum Milestones

KS1 Science Knowledge Organisers

LKS2 Science Curriculum Milestones

LKS2 Science Knowledge Organisers

UKS2 Science Curriculum Milestones

UKS2 Science Knowledge Organisers