At St Giles’, we pride ourselves on a full and rich art curriculum for our pupils, from Reception to Year 6. 

During art lessons, children build on their understanding and appreciation of art in a variety of forms and styles and from a variety of cultures through a cross-curricular topic approach. A long-term plan of progression allows children to build and develop knowledge and skills. They learn to use different art techniques and develop an awareness of shape, colour, texture and pattern as well as understand the properties of materials.

Art is often linked to the curriculum topic and we also seize opportunities for art to inspire thought, discussion and writing. Children learn about artists and crafts people from a range of cultures and times. Developing an understanding that art can be produced in a vast range of media, 2d and 3d, exposes children to the vibrancy of the art world.

As well as regular art lessons planned throughout each term, a whole school Art Week in the summer term gives children the time and opportunity to focus on a sustained project.  It also shows progression in this subject throughout the school. 

To find out more, please see our school’s vision for Art and Design and our Art and Design progression map below.

Vision Statement Art and Design


Curriculum Overview Art